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Our Group’s Recipe Blog!

So, after much looking around and playing around with different websites and whatnot, I have decided on this theme for our place to look up shared recipes from our “What’s On The Menu?” group page. You can click on the drop down bar to the right to search by category, or simply just browse through the pages.

As far as our group on facebook, we will keep that going. 🙂 It is a great place for talking about our dinner ideas and getting tips, help, and feedback. So, as your dish becomes popular and/or is requested, please continue to post it as a Doc. Every few days, or maybe once a week, I will add them to this blog and then remove them from the Docs.

Please keep inviting your friends and spread the word! The more we have involved, the more options and variations we’ll get. If you have further ideas or suggestions for this lay out, please let me know.