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Slow-cooker Pozole Soup

  • 1 tablespoon canola oil
  • 1 (2 pound) boneless pork loin roast, cut into 1-inch cubes
  • 2 (14.5 ounce) cans enchilada sauce
  • 2 (15.5 ounce) cans white hominy, drained
  • 1 onion, sliced
  • 1/2 cup green chilies, diced
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper, or to taste
  • 2 teaspoons dried oregano
  • 1/4 cup cilantro, chopped
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt


  1. Heat the canola oil in a skillet over high heat. Add  the pork; cook and stir just until meat is browned on all sides, about 5  minutes.
  2. Place the meat in a 4 quart slow cooker. Pour the  enchilada sauce over the meat. Top with the hominy, onion, chilies,  garlic, cayenne pepper, and oregano. Pour in enough water to fill the  slow cooker.
  3. Cover, and cook on High for 6 to 7 hours. Stir in the salt towards the end.

*I left out the green chilis because I didn’t have them AND put just a TAD of the cayenne pepper rather than the 1/2 tsp (it’s already kind of spicy as is.)  I added just about 1 1/2- 2 cups of water and thought that was just right!

*Once you serve into bowls top with shredded cabbage, chopped cilantro, diced onion and squeeze some lime juice in it-  SO TASTY!!!

❤ Anna Burud

Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash

3 medium acorn squash,
1 tsp salt,
1 pound bulk pork sausage,
1 small onion chopped,
3 small or 2 large apples diced small,
3 TBS butter,
sprinkle of cinnamon

Cut squash in half lengthwise, spoon out seeds, sprinkle with salt.
Place cut side down in baking dish and add 1/2 inch boiling water.
Bake, uncovered at 375 for 35 minutes and drain water.

In the meantime, cook sausage in large skillet over medium heat and add onion. Cook until sausage is brown and onions are a bit soft and cooked. Remove from heat, drain.
Mix softened butter with diced apples and add to sausage. Spoon sausage mix into squash halves. Sprinkle cinnamon lightly on top.
Bake uncovered, at 350 for 25 minutes or until tender.

TIPS: to cut the acorn squash more easily, pierce the uncut squash a few rimes with a fork or knife, place on microwaveable plate, and micro for 2 mins. This will soften the hide & make it easier to cut.

To eat, you can scoop out the squash & sausage mixture out of the shell and mash it/ mix it all together.

(Recipe from Mary G. with a couple modifications.) ❤ Christine Kasper

Split Pea Soup

I use leftover ham bones and ham (you can also use smoked ham hocks)  Put in a large stock pot with 1 medium size onion, 2 bay leaves, 1 tablespoon peppercorn, 2 smashed cloves of garlic, leftover ham stock and/ or 1 box chicken stock.  Add enough water to just cover ham bones.  Simmer for aound 3 hours.  Remove ham bones, ham etc.  Let that cool.  Add 1 bag split peas (i like yellow) 1/2 grated carrot to 6 cups stock (add more water if needed) and cook.  remove ham from bones and add back to soup. You can add more water or chicken stock if soup is too thick.  about 1/2 hour before serving stir in 1 – 2 tablespoons of ketchup.  I cube day old bread and brown those in butter to serve with the soup.  It’s not quick, but it’s tasty!

❤ Mary Heinz

Pasta with Chicken Sausage and Spinach

  • 12 ounces rigatoni (about 4-1/2 cups)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 onion, sliced
  • 1 tsp of minced garlic
  • 6 ounces fully cooked chicken sausage links, sliced
  • 1 box of frozen spinach,cooked and then drained most of the liquid out.
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan (1 ounce)
  1. Cook the pasta according to the package directions.
  2. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.  Cook the onion,garlic stirring often, for 3 minutes. Add the sausage and cook,  stirring, until browned, 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Toss the pasta with the sausage mixture and spinach and then add the Parmesan. I added about a tsp of cracked black pepper and 1/4 tsp of garlic salt

❤ Kristin Lebon

Creamy Italian Pasta


  • 1 (1  lb) package hot Italian sausage (5 Links)
  • 1 (16  ounce) package rigatoni pasta or 1 (16  ounce) package penne pasta
  • 1 (16  ounce) jar alfredo sauce (use your favorite kind)
  • 1 (3  ounce) can sliced  black olives
  • 1/3 cup  sun-dried tomato packed in oil(I had roasted peppers)
  • 1  large  garlic clove, minced
  • 1  bunch Italian parsley, Chopped
  • freshly grated  parmesan cheese (didn’t have it…so it was good without! lol)
  • extra virgin olive oil or butter
  • garlic salt
  1. Place Sausages in a pot with water and boil until thoroughly cooked through. Add minced garlic clove to pot for added flavoring. Once cooked through, grill sausages to brown outer casing.
  2. Meanwhile set a deep  pot to boil with 5 quarts of water.  Salt water, eyeball it, to season  pasta, and add either Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Butter to make sure  Pasta does not stick. (I prefer EVOO, again eyeball it).
  3. In a large skillet, slowly heat Alfredo Sauce, Olives and Sun Dried Tomatoes.
  4. Once Suasages are cooked to desired liking, slice in 1/4 in rounds and add to sauce.
  5. Cook pasta to just under al dente. Drain and add to sauce and sausages. (Remember the pasta will continue cooking in sauce.).
  6. Serve it up on a plate  and sprinkle chopped Italian Parsley and Parmesean Cheese over the top.   Serve with Garlic Bagel Chips or any other side of your choice.

     ❤ Kristin Lebon

Italian Sausage Pasta Medley

1- 2 packs of mild Italian sausage links (cut off ends and squeeze out meat)
1 red onion, chopped
1 tsp of minced garlic
1/2 jar of capers
1 can of artichoke hearts, drained and cut up
1 small carton of feta cheese
1 can of chicken broth
12 oz box of bowtie pasta

Cook pasta accordingly, drain and put back into pot.  Saute red onion and minced garlic until tender and add the Italian sausage and cook until done.  Add the capers and artichoke hearts and mix well.  Pour meat mixture into the pot with the pasta and add chicken broth.  Last few minutes add your feta cheese.  I sometimes add a bit of Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese as well.

❤ Anna Burud

Red Beans & Rice w/ Sausage

at least I am pretty sure how I make this …I dont have a real recipe so I am hoping I got this right …will tweak it again after dinner!

-3 pkgs sausage (I like echrich farm smoked sausage with skin) you can cut these in rounds but i slit them in half then those in half and then chop them so they are about 1/4- 1/2 inch pieces
-3 cans of small red beans:   (or dried if you prefer)
1 rinsed and drained
1 with bean juice
1 after draining add water to top
(can be found at walmart or in the spanish sections of your grocery stores)
-1 onion finely chopped
-1 teaspoon spike seasoning
– 2- 3 shakes of cumin powder
-2 shakes of cayenne pepper
-1/2 teaspoon old bay seasoning

So its really simply add all the beans and juices, to the pot, saute the onion ( in another pot of course) till soft, add spices and the onion to the pot of beans next you brown the sausage in the pan in batches, deglaze the pan after browning(get them nice and brown adds lots of flavor) the sausage with some of the liguid from the bean pot…. and pour back into the bean pot!

Thats about it …we serve it with regular rice I dont like white with this dish and cornbread is a nice add on! This is my mother in laws recipe and I have tweaked it to our tastes ❤ Jamie O’Flaherty