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Easy Banana Spinach Smoothie

Okay, so I know the name has you guys all grossed out, but seriously, I used to be a skeptic of anything green in a smoothie, but now I love it! You just have to have the correct ratio! 🙂

*1-2 bananas (just break into chunks)
*2 handfuls of fresh spinach
*1-2 cups of milk (I use whole)
*1/4 cup sugar
*1 tsp. vanilla
*ice cubes

Just put everything in a blender and blend on high speed for about a minute. Add ice cubes slowly, a few at a time until you get the consistency you want. Makes about 2 1/2 glasses. 

 ❤ Christina Kirtly
* It’s also good to change things up by adding some extra fruit (like strawberries or blueberries), and a spoonful of frozen orange juice concentrate!


Peanut Butter, Banana Protein shake

1 Small banana
2 tb crunchy peanut butter low fat
1 cup cow milk or almond milk
1 tb honey
4 ice cubes
1 scoop whey protein powder at least 20g protein

Put in blender or fits perfect in magic bullet!!

Dinner or lunch in a cup – perfect for hot days!!! ❤ Genevieve Gomez

Lotsa Margarita

1 limeade (frozen concentrate)
1 cran raspberry or just cranberry (frozen concentrate)
1 lemonade (frozen concentrate)
1- 2 liter Sprite or 7-up
2 Corona’s
2 cups of tequila

Add all ingredients to a large pitcher, mix well, and enjoy immensely!! Great for get-togethers. ❤ Lori Lohrmann

SkinnyGirl Margarita

  • Ice
  • Blender (if you want it frozen)
  • Fresh lime juice (about 1 tbsp.) and wedges for  garnish
  • 2 oz. white tequila (100 percent agave is very  important–Patron Silver is a favorite)
  • A tiny splash of triple sec, Grand Marnier or Cointreau  (about 1 tsp.)
  • Margarita glasses


  • Make a Skinny Girl on the rocks by adding ice to a rocks glass, add 2 oz. (a  two-count) of white tequila, the juice of four lime wedges and a splash of  Triple Sec, Grand Marnier or Cointreau. It’s that easy!
  • If you’re ordering a Skinny Girl at a bar, you can have it on the rocks, but  replace the Triple Sec, Grand Marnier or Cointreau with a splash of frozen  margarita mix. You get the same great flavor and a little bit of a different  texture.
  • If you want a frozen margarita, combine all of the ingredients in a blender;  just make sure that there is 2 oz. of tequila per serving and you’re ready to  go. Serve in a chilled glass–and if you’d like to garnish the glass, rim it  with a lime and dip in salt or sugar or both.

Source:  ❤ Rachel Thornbury

Homemade Lemonade w/ Variations

I’ve been craving homemade lemonade and think I will make some:
Makes about 2 quarts

•Lemons — 3 to 5
•Cold water — 6 cups
•Sugar — 3/4 cup

1.Squeeze lemons and pour the juice into a 2-quart pitcher. Drop one or two of the squeezed halves into the pitcher and pound gently with a wooden spoon to release the lemon oils.

2.Pour in the water and sugar and stir well to until the sugar is completely dissolved.

3.Adjust flavor with more lemon juice or sugar and chill well before serving.

•Single Serving: 1/2 to 1 lemons; 1 1/2 cups cold water; 3 tablespoons sugar. Mix in a tall glass.
•Limeade: substitute 6-8 limes for the lemons.
•Pink Lemonade: add 1 cup of cranberry juice.
•Limoonada (Middle East): Add 1 tablespoon of orange blossom water. Reduce the amount of sugar to between 1/3 and 1/2 cup. Lemonade in the Middle East is generally made less sweet.
•Crush a sprig of mint or some slices of fresh ginger with the lemon halves for a refreshing twist.
•Use honey instead of sugar.
•Use a mild iced tea instead of water for a great pick-me-up.

If are not going to drink the lemonade within a couple of hours, remove the lemon halves after about 15 minutes. If you leave them in too long they will turn the drink bitter.