French Onion Soup

SO, I would like to preface this with, I am by no means a chef, I usually cant find a measuring cup or spoon in my house and even if I could, using my hand means one less dish to wash. Cooking to me is an adventure. Rather cooking with you timers, cook books and all that junk, I mainly cook with my nose! If it smells good Ill eat it! If it looks cooked Ill eat!! I’m saying this cas it is always hard for me to write recipes for other people. The norm would be a 1/2 cup this, a tsp of that. Mine recipes are more on the lines of, dash of this, a handfull of that, give it a stir, taste it, add more or let it go!

-Butter! I’ll get back to that, Like 1 stick, a dash of olive oil too
-3 bay leaves, I love those magical leaves!!
-Thyme hmm like a good dash from the shaker wait let me go find a spoon. Ok 2 good tsp.
-2 fresh garlic cloves, you know not like the biggest cresent lookin one but 2 that aren’t too humungous! Chop the little creamie colored delights up real small. Or to make life easier and less organic, already minced, dried garlic is fine too.
-6 onions, that’s all I had! I think that translated to, around, 8 cups.
-Sea salt, I dont even have the other stuff and Ground pepper. Now do this last. it’s to acent the taste not act like the main dish or to be a filler.
-3 Heaping Tablespoons of Flour! Remember flour= equal thickness we ain’t making gravy. Take it slow when adding it!
-Now here is my secret, it is also something I stumbled upon a few years ago on accident and never went back, White Wine VINEGAR, yes the vinegar kind for dressing and stuff! It was quite funny I thought I bought just white wine. I was cooking Pot roast and wanted to add the wine, about a half cup. At dinner that night it was so delishes, I mean, the taste it added was so savory and a bit bitter and tangy all at the same time!! SO yummy!! I need a dictionary, taste words confuse me!! It is so hard for me to explain taste verbally. I think it is more of a visual thing!

OH, back to the recipe, I get so off track sometimes!!

-Use a bit less than a 1/4 of a cup! I mean, seriously, this stuff adds a kick!!
-Now my hubby likes it real think and flavorful so I only added 64oz of broth.1 box of chicken broth and 1 box of beef broth (32oz each)but you can easily add more chicken broth. Reason I use alittle both is for my head! Chicken= equals healthier but I dont want to sacrifice taste so I use both!!
-Any kind of bread you have, just toast it up first! I aint a snob you dont need a french baquette or anything!!
-And the crown Jewel, CHEESE! Anything in the swiss, provolone or mozzarella, parm, Havarti! Pretty much anything in the white family will be perfect!! But remember certain cheese loose flavor when warmed like provole so choose Wisely! I use mozz cas my hubs LOVES it!!

Melt the stick of butter in a large pot over medium heat. Add the onions, garlic, bay leaves, thyme, cook until the onions are very soft and caramelized. Every stove and onion is different!  Add the wine, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer until the wine settles and evaporates a bit!  Dont forget to keep stirring or you will burn it! I dont discard the Bay leaves I just work around them. Dust the onions with the flour and give them a stir. Turn the heat down to medium low so the flour doesn’t burn, and cook for 5-7 minutes to cook out the raw flour taste. You want almost a gooie rue for gravy but not quite. Now add the broth, bring the soup back to a simmer, and cook for 10 minutes. Season, to taste, with salt and pepper. the longer it cooks the tastier it gets! If its too strong cut it with more chicken broth or water! But dont be a baby the bread and cheese will lighten it up too!!

When you’re ready to eat, preheat the broiler. My hubby like it this way! First layer the bottom with thin slice of cheese, then ladle the soup on top! Add the toasted bread and then more cheese on top of that!! Broil until bubbly and golden brown! The broiler will also help thinken up the soup and add more flavor!! about 2-4 minutes. If you are not crazy about cheese leave the first part out!

Ok a word to the wise! I make 2 bowls at a time. Just ordinary glass or the other kind, oh Im drawing a blank, the grainie kind! not plastic, cereal bowls! I arrange then on a cooking sheet to make sure their is no spillage or slippage! The bowls get extremely hot!! use mitts. When everything is done I take them out and either let them sit until the bowls cool or I transfer them to another bowl! My hubs is always hungry so I usually just transfer them!!

Also I like to use a butter knife to cut everything up and mix it all together! Oh, wait, I think I’m hungry now!!

Please enjoy, I did! And if you want the shorter version of this recipe jusy ask, I have that too!

(note, my verballage stinks! excuse the poor grammer) 🙂 ❤ Genevieve Gomez


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