Chicken and Snow Peas

-3 chicken breasts boneless skinless cut up into cubes…
-1 bottle of ginger sesame  marinade from lawrys
-sesame seeds
-a package of snowpeas… I  like to just put the ends off of mine and then pull it down the side to remove the stringy bit …
So after cutting up the chicken, pour in about half the bottle of marinade… you can let it sit if you want …but I never have time so I dont…

then I saute the chicken in butter and oil, I normally cook it in two batches so  …move to a pot on the stove…  deglaze the pan you cooked the chicken in with a bout one cup of water… scraping all the bits off the bottom of the pan and then dump that water into a pot on the stove with the chicken also add about the same amount of the marinade, from the bottle(dont want cross contamination)  to this  …. turn this to medium till it gets nice and hot and then turn it to low … after this … repeat…. and cook the second batch of chicken but, you do not need to add anymore marinade!

then once your done … with that … you put some oil in the pan and  more butter … and then saute the snow peas….add a couple dashes of soy sauce …. you have to watch them … they can turn mushy pretty fast … and I like mine soft but not mushy… about  5 mins into cooking throw a few shakes of sesame seeds in the pan with the snow peas… and then just let them cook to desired softness! then mix in with the chicken!

Serve with rice and enjoy!
❤ Jamie O’Flaherty


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