Meatball Sandwhiches

I mix my raw meat with:
fresh minced garlic
an egg and a splash of Italian dressing (or you can use a couple splashes and no egg)
bread crumbs
garlic salt
I round them to the size of a golf ball, place them on a foiled cookie sheet and bake for 40 minutes on 350 (smaller the meatball, shorter the cook time).
Meanwhile, I make a pot of pasta for a side for the kids (and us too for all that saucey dripping). I just buy marinara sauce (Newmans Own) and warm it while meatballs are in the oven as well. I’ve tried my hand at a few different variations of my own marinara and have failed! haha!
Anyway, when I pull the meatballs out, I slide them into a toasted roll, smother in marinara, and top with a slice, or two, of provolone or mozzarella. sooooo yummy!!!
❤ Joanna Schaper

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