“German Noodles”


3-5 lb roast, depending on how many servings you want
wide egg noodles, also just cook as many servings as you want
Onion salt
Olive oil
Beef Broth
Red Wine Vinegar

Here we go:
In the morning, get a big pan for searing nice and hot.  I set my burner at 7/10.  Meanwhile season one side of the roast with ample salt and pepper.  Once the pan is really hot drizzle olive oil and add about a TBS of butter.  I use my spatula or tongs to swirl it around to keep the butter from burning.  Alright, now put your roast in the pan seasoned side down and let it be. Season the top side.  Really let it sear and don’t turn it until it’s a nice deep golden brown.  Do the next side.  The reason I use tongs is to be able to hold the roast on it’s side to get the sides properly seared.  This process is important to keep the roast moist while it’s in the crock pot.  Depending on the size, cook it in the crock pot on High for 4-6 or on Low for 8-10 hrs. About 30 minutes before dinnertime, shred/carve the roast how you like it.

Dinnertime, Pot of boiling water + Noodles + 10-12 minutes + Drained = Halfway done.

Heat a skillet to 5-6/10 or electric griddle to 350, and fry the noodles with olive oil and sprinkles of onion salt to taste.  Serve as follows; Noodles, then roast, and top with Beef broth and a drizzle (or 2 or 3) of Red wine vinegar.  We usually eat this meal with a tangy Balsamic salad consisting of romaine, radish, cucumber, and tomato.  Enjoy!

I’m sure this recipe is not from Germany, and probably has never been made by a true German.  Nevertheless, that is their given name by my husband’s family and it is truly delicious. ❤ Sydne Wilkinson


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