Bowtie pasta w/ Garlic Lemon Cream Sauce

While I would love to take all the credit for this, I can’t. I just tweaked it to my liking and added substitutes since there are still certain things I can’t seem to find down here in MS.

1 package of bowtie pasta

1 tub of philadelphia garlic cooking creme ( orig recipe called for marascarpone cheese, but I couldn’t find it anywhere around here)

Fresh spinach leaves

Juice of one lemon

Cooked chicken strips (if you are using it)

Parmesan and asiago blend shredded cheese

If you are using chicken, first cook your chicken. I baked my strips, just because for some reason I prefer baking everything, and don’t like cooking on top of my stove. But you could cook your chicken strips on top of your stove with the lemon garlic cream sauce.. that could be yummy!
Okay half way through cooking your chicken, bring a pot of water to a boil. Boil for 14 minutes, any longer and it gets all gross and mushy. In the mean time take out your chicken and start cutting them into chunks.
Now its time to make the lemon cream sauce: take your philadelphia cooking creme and the juice of one lemon and stir together, thats it.. thats your sauce! Next, add the chicken and lemon cream sauce to your bowtie pasta and stir together. Top with fresh spinach leaves and parmesan/asiago shredded cheese blend.  Ta da! There is your “almost like Olive Garden ” pasta dish!

*Note: Sun dried tomatoes could also pair well with this, we didn’t try it though.

❤ Darcie Jones


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