Cake Balls

-bake cake according to box, let cool, crumble up, mix in tub of cream cheese frosting (not whole tub maybe 3/4 or less) you cant take out but you can add more, you dont want them too moist.
-roll into little balls I think about 1/2″.    
-put in fridge for couple hours.
-buy candy melts from craft store, any color you want and melt in microwave bowl according to directions on bag, it should be thin enough to dip cake.
-dip balls into melted candy, put on wax paper to harden. if candy starts to thicken up, microwave little more to thin up again. you should take only few balls out at a time to dip so they dont start to warm up.
-once done put in fridge and enjoy…  you can always roll them in nuts or sprinkles when candy is still wet, but I havent tried that yet.

Rachel Thornbury


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