Easy Cheese Sauce for pasta, veggies

1-2T butter
1-2T flour
2 slices of deli cheese (such as munster)*
handful or two of shredded cheddar*
1-2T of sour cream
enough milk to make saucy 😉
salt, nutmeg to taste

melt butter over medium heat. add flour and stir until golden (1-2 mins). add cheeses, stirring constantly until they begin to melt. add sour cream, stir. add milk stirring constantly until desired consistency. mix with cooked pasta (such as rotini or fusili), or pour over broccoli or cauliflower. enjoy!

 *you can really use any cheese/combination of cheeses you like. we’ve used swiss, sharp cheddar, munster, havarti…kind of whatever we have on hand.
i like to make a double+ batch and mix it with a pound of pasta and a head of cauliflower for a filling dinner that lasts a while.

DISCLAIMER: totally made this up one day when kate wanted mac and cheese and we were out of boxes. suggestions welcome! ❤ Rebekah Hand


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